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Windstorm Certification

Texas gulf coast counties are continuously exposed to windstorm damage from hurricane high winds, water and flooding. The State of Texas has established codes and building requirements to help protect these areas from extensive damage due to high winds and related problems caused by hurricanes. The State of Texas maintains a Windstorm Insurance Fund for the fourteen (14) counties that the major insurance carriers do not provide windstorm insurance.

The Texas Department of Insurance, Windstorm Inspections Division is responsible for obtaining compliance with the State Standards. The Department of Insurance has certified licensed professional engineers to perform compliance inspections and certifications to the State.

Certification by a Texas Department of Insurance approved engineer allows the structure owner to obtain insurance through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association for properties located in hurricane prone areas of Texas. Structures need to be windstorm certified in order to be insured by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. In order to obtain Windstorm insurance from the state fund, the property owner must obtain a WPI-2 Wind Certification Certificate which certifies the project has been reviewed, designed and sealed by a Structural Engineer Registered in the State of Texas and approved to participate as a Professional Engineer by the Texas Department of Insurance.

For Windstorm Certification Questions, please contact Joe Brooks at 210-410-1279 or email: joebrooks@completecurbs.com with your specific job site requirements.