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Horizontal Discharge Package curb


Horizontal curbs are designed & built per unit/job application, type of installation, required orientation, etc.. & are priced to the design.

Any changes to a drawing initially submitted, must be revised prior to approval along with revised quote to reflect the desired changes.

Min. height is determined by the type of installation, base rail depth, required opening sizes, min. roof termination height &/or duct elevation height, etc…

Standard Features

  • 18ga. OR Greater, G-90 fully welded perimeter.
  • 20ga. min. vertical cross support/ dividers tack welded in.
  • Complete curb interior insulated with 2" 1.5# acoustical liner (glued & pinned)
  • 20ga. non-insulated interior supply radius screwed in within the insulated supply plenum.
  • 20ga. min. solid base tacked welded in at the roof termination height (typically).
  • Designed for Roof mount application & includes 1" x 4" Pressure Treated nailer at the 10" roof termination height.
  • 1/4" x 1 1/2" neoprene gasket material supplied loose for field installation.

Optional Features

  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Stainless Steel, 304-2B construction.
  • Interior metal liner (same type as exterior).
  • Pressure Treated wood nailer (roof mounted applications).
  • Increased roof termination height (specify height).
  • Increased duct elevation from the curb base (specify).
  • Extended base flanges (specify size).
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