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Final Filter Rooftop Package Curb


*Full perimeter for small package unit applications & only on the supply where required for larger unit applications.

**Supply duct cannot be dropped through from the top, as the filter tracking obstructs the pathway. The return duct may drop from the top OR connect at the base, the same as the supply.

HEPA filtration is NOT available.

Standard Features

  • 18ga. G90 min. exterior construction.
  • 20ga. min. Interior metal liner where required.*
  • 10" min. Roof termination height.
  • Interior perimeter walls insulted 1 1/2" 3lb. rigid board (R6) insulation.
  • Continuous welded seams coated with corrosion inhibiting compound.
  • Interior dividers & panels insulated with 2" -1 1/2lb. liner, installed on opposite sides of air flow on supply (no insulation in supply air stream).
  • Hinged double wall access door with manual knobs installed.
  • Continuous drip edge tack welded above the door opening.
  • 1"x4" Pressure treated wood nailer installed at the 10" roof termination height.
  • 2" base mounting flanges all 4 sides.
  • Designed for 4" or 12" deep, MERV-14 nominal sized filters.
  • Initial Set of filters provided for start-up.
  • Factory openings maintained at the base for field duct connection.**

Optional Features

  • Increased roof termination height (specify).
  • Pitched for sloped roof application.
  • 0"-3" Magnehelic gauge factory installed.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Stainless Steel, 304-2B construction.
  • Extended base flanges (specify size).
  • No filters supplied with the curb.
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