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Metal Building Curb – Panel to Panel


Note: It is the ordering parties responsibility to verify the construction & material compliance with the panel manufacturer & the installing contractor providing the water-tightness installation.

Standard Features

  • 18ga. G90 min. construction. *not suggested for new construction.
  • 8" min. height (12" min. with damper tray OR for package units).
  • 1 1/2" rigid board (R6) insulation.
  • 16" peak side flange with factory welded plugs.
  • 5" downhill flanges with factory welded caps.
  • Side flanges extended & contoured to the natural panel seam/joints.
  • Continuous welded seams coated with corrosion inhibiting compound.
  • Neoprene gasket material provide for the top mounting surface.
  • Cricket (water-diverter) tack welded on & caulked.
  • Detailed submittal drawings provided for customer review &
  • signed approval required prior to production.
  • Note: Curb I.D. is approx. 3.5" less than the O.D.

Optional Features

  • Damper Tray.
  • 18ga. AZ55 "galvalume" construction. *acceptable for galvalume finish roofs.
  • .080 Aluminum construction. *acceptable for all types of roof finish.
  • 18ga. Stainless Steel, 304-2B construction.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  • Interior metal liner (same type as exterior).
  • Extended peak flange (specify size).
  • Extended downhill flange (specify size).
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