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Gasket Materials


Typically installed to the top mounting surface of a curb/adapter/curb extension/Sona-rail/etc. prior to equipment installation. The gasket is used to seal the connection of the intended equipment onto the curb/adapter & absorbs any deviations of the surface.

Typical Physical Properties:

Color                                                                                            Black

Polymer                                                                                      PVC/NBR/CR

Density, lb/ft3, ASTMD 1667                                                      4 – 6

25% compression deflection ASTM D-1056                             2-5

50% compression set, % max, ASTM D 1056                            25

Water Absorption (wt.%) max, ASTM D 1667                          10

Tensile Strength, psi, min, ASTM D 412                                    50

Elongation, %, Min, ASTM D 412, Die A                                    75


ASTM D 1056-07                                                                          2B1

ASTM D 1056-68                                                                          SBE 41


FMVSS 302, “0” Burn Rate                                                      Pass

UL 94 V/0/5VA @ 6.2mm                                                       Pass

UL 94 HF-1 @ 1.5mm                                                               Pass

C-Tear Strength ASTM D-624 Die C, lbs/in                       10 (min)

Temperature Use

Cold Crack                                                                                    -40 ºF

High                                                                                               200 ºF


This information is furnished as a guide for selecting materials.  Complete Curb Products disclaims liability for results or use of this information.  It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain and test samples when determining suitability of material for a particular application.


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