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Curb Adapter Reducer


The top of the Reducer must be at least 1/2″ smaller than the new equipment base capping size.

The base of the Reducer must be 3/4″ greater than the measured curb size on site after roofing material OR the same size as the previous equipment capping size.

The ordering party is responsible for providing the required damper tray/shelf size, NOT the damper size. Tray sizes vary be manufacture & is usually smaller than the damper size.

The minimum heights displayed are base upon must new fan base capping depth being 2″-3″. For reducers/enlargers with damper trays, the operating height can vary from 6″-10″ in height. The ordering party must review the damper operating height & be sure to order the reducer greater in height than the damper operating height.

Standard Features

  • 18ga. G90 min. construction
  • 3"-5" min. height (10" min. with damper tray)
  • Continuous welded seams coated with corrosion inhibiting compound
  • 2" deep capping lip
  • Neoprene Gasket material provide for mounting surface seal

Optional Features

  • Damper Tray
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel
  • .080 Aluminum construction.
  • 18ga. Stainless Steel, 304-2B construction
  • Insulation
  • Extended capping depth
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